#IMMOOCB1 – Playing with Websites

This week, we have been challenged in #IMMOOC to write 3 blog posts under 200 words. It seemed like a good challenge, and being March break here, one that I could do. But for some reason, I haven’t. Instead, I have been playing with my website. By playing, I really mean learning and doing.

I set up the Book Reviews section and added my reviews for Writersfest. I gave myself a spot to review new books.

I learned how to set up a subscription to my blog because I know that for the blogs I read regularly, I get emails to let me know when there’s a new post.

I learned how to add an image to my sidebar because I have been meaning to add my #DitchSummit badge since December!

Finally, I set up a class website for my class because it’s something I should have done ages ago.

I haven’t exactly been innovating, but I have been learning. And doing.


  1. JoAnna

    Melanie – I need to do so much work to improve my blog. Mine is so boring right now. The thing I really want to learn to do is to add pictures and videos. There is so much to learn!! Isnt it funny how adults call learning ‘play’ but we don’t allow students the same freedom to learn through play?

    1. Melanie

      Your blog is not boring! It takes time to set these things up.

      I actually put a lot of effort in my classroom into trying to make what students are doing feel a little less like work and a little more like play. I get the sense that you do also. There is reasonably strong research to suggest that this is how kids learn best. In Ontario, our kindergarten curriculum is all about play-based learning, and that mentality is creeping into the primary grades. As much as possible, I try to let kids experiment, try new things, solve puzzles/challenges, and otherwise follow their passions to the extent possible. While I am by no means perfect at this yet, I get a little better at it bit by bit.

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