Ed Camp 2017

This year was my second time attending Ed Camp Ottawa. The first year I was fairly quiet, but came away with a ton of questions.



But this year was different.  I didn’t take a single note.  I shared a LOT more.  I also learned a lot.  I think one of the most amazing parts of Ed Camp are all the different elements of education coming together.  Some of the most amazing voices in the room were the students who were remarkably articulate about their needs and how we can meet them.  I also learned a lot from the student teachers.  Their questions forced me to look at what I do, think about why, and wonder if there are things that I should change (obvious answer:  yes).  This year I leave with one strategy I know I want to try in summer school next year, a renewed passion for the work that I do, and a few places I can go to work on learning how to code, something I’ve been thinking about for a long while now.  I can’t wait to get started.  If you have never gone to an Ed Camp but you have a stake in education, I strongly encourage you to sign up.